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500kW Burner – Oil

500kW Burner – Oil


Monoblock Forced Draught Oil Burner

– Fully automatic two stage operation
– Air suction circuit lined with sound proofing material
– Fan with reverse curve blades
– Air damper controlled by adjustable hydraulic ram
– Starting motor at 2800 rpm
– Combustion head adjustable for output
– Geared pump for high pressure fuel supply
– Valve unit with oil safety valve & 2 delivery oil valves
– Photocell for flame detection
– Microprocessor safety control box with diagnostic function
– Burner on/off switch
– Flame inspection window
– 1st – 2nd Stage manual switch
– Radio interference protection filter
– IP 44 Electric protection level

Make Riello
Model RL50 TL
Burner Operation Mode Two Stage
Modulation Ratio to Max Output 2÷1
Heat Output 148/296-593 kW
Heat Output 127/255-510 Mcal/h
Heat Output 12.5/25-50 Kg/h
Working Temperature 0 – 40°C
Net Calorific Value 11.8 kWh/kg
Net Calorific Value 10,200 Kcal/kg
Viscosity at 20°C 4 – 6 mm²/s (cSt)
Pump Type AL 75C
Pump Output 88 kh/h @ 12 bar
Atomised Pressure 12 bar
Oil Temperature (max) 50°C
Air Temperature (max) 60°C
Sound Pressure 75 dBA
Fan Type Centrifugal with Reverse Curve Blades
Electrical Supply 3ph 50 Hz 400v
Auxiliary Electrical Supply 1ph 50 Hz 230v
Control Box RBO 522
Total Electrical Power 0.75 kW
Protection Level IP44
Motor Electrical Power 0.65 kW
Rated Motor Current 3 – 1.7 A
Motor Start Up Current 13.8 – 8 A
Motor Protection Level IP54
Ignition Transformer V1-V2 230v 2×5 kV
Ignition Transformer I1-I2 1.9A 30mA
Working Intermittent (at least one stop every 24h)
CO Emissions <40 mg/kWh
Grade of Smoke Indicator <1 N° Bach
CXHY Emission <10 mg/kWh
NOx Emissions <200 mg/kWh
Conforming to EN 267
Certification DIN 5G226/93
Dimensions (W x L x H) 476 x 819 x 474mm

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