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Evaporative Coolers vs Air Conditioners. Which Work Best?

Evaporative Coolers are often regarded as a poor substitute when looking at air cooling applications, however with massive savings in rental costs and Energy consumption could they be the solution for you?

For many years Evaporative Coolers had a bad reputation, however at All Seasons Hire we look at them as a great cost effective solution especially in large open plan spaces.

Evaporative Coolers work on a pretty simple idea, by increasing the relative humidity (RH) of a building or warehouse we can drop the temperature. Relative humidity for UK summertime on average sits around 45% so we have lots of headroom to increase the RH and in doing so drop the air temperature by around 8 to 10 degrees. On our larger units we can provide a temperature drop equivalent to a 100kW air conditioning system. From an energy perspective this would be a saving of approximately 832kW/hrs per day; or around £100 per day in electricity charges.  So what’s the catch?

To operate effectively the units require a really well ventilated environment.  Our highly experienced survey team will advise on ventilation levels and we can also provide equipment to increase ventilation if required.  The ventilation is purely to remove excess moisture and keep the RH down. Most of the time an open roller shutter door will be enough to do the trick, but we can take care of all that for you. Other than ventilation there is no catch! They are simply great units for cooling down large spaces.

All Seasons Hire have supplied these units into literally hundreds of businesses, from warehouses and manufacturing sites to aircraft hangers and film sets. In the right application their extremely efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective when compared to traditional air conditioning solutions, also increasing ventilation is one of the main Government recommendation’s to reduce COVID spread.  So why not let All Seasons Hire survey your building and come up with the right package to provide a cool, well ventilated workspace this summer with a price tag that won’t get you hot under the collar!

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